LH Ambidextrous

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LH Ambidextrous

Postby mkerr6969 » March 2nd, 2012, 3:40 pm

Barley's 119th tapped their Ambidextrous keg this morning. We only got 4 1/6bbls in Kansas and is the only one in the KC area(I'm not sure about MO).
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Re: LH Ambidextrous

Postby EricH » March 2nd, 2012, 4:09 pm

Press release on this stuff (I was curious what it was, not having heard of it before):

Left Hand Brewing can do it with either hand, and the Longmont brewery will show you how with a new series of limited-edition, draft-only beers called Ambidextrous.

The first of these, an imperial milk stout, is on tap at a handful of spots in Colorado and around the country; it will go on tap Saturday at Freshcraft.

The beer, known as AA Step 1, is a creamy blend of Left Hand's Milk Stout, Wake Up Dead imperial stout, and a version of Widdersins barleywine aged in Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey barrels.

"We're allowing our brewers to play," says Left Hand marketing director Chris Lennart. "We're hoping to get out a couple more this year, but we're not sure when the next one will come." It depends on when there is a hole in the brewing calendar.

Only sixty barrels will be made of each beer, or roughly 100 to 120 kegs, and they'll be spread around the country. "Some states will only get two or three. Colorado gets twenty or thirty," Lennart says. "It's designed to let our sales crew get out there and have fun."

The first twelve Ambidextrous beers will be known as Steps 1-12 in an irreverent nod to Alcoholics Anonymous, which shares the same initials as Ambidextrous Ale. After that, Lennart says, the brewery will identify them using the word "Relapse" in the names.

Left Hand describes its beer like this: "This dual threat beer pours deep mahogany capped by a creamy white head. The beer is equal parts dessert and coffee with aromas of dates, vanilla and figs countered by licorice, roast malt and mild espresso. The taste follows suit with plum pudding, chocolate covered fig newtons and chocolate cream cheese frosting which gets swept away by whiskey spiked coffee and licorice. The body is medium full with a slight warming finish."

Mocking AA -- ballsy!
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Re: LH Ambidextrous

Postby hwwty4 » March 2nd, 2012, 4:18 pm

Im almost positive its on tap at Waldo Pizza. Im 95% sure thats what I was told it was. If I wasnt so drunk, i would be 100%.
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Re: LH Ambidextrous

Postby johnf » March 2nd, 2012, 4:34 pm

Waldo Pizza does have it. I liked it. Did not know it was rare. Will like the next one more ;)
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Re: LH Ambidextrous

Postby mkerr6969 » March 2nd, 2012, 6:10 pm

They also tapped Avery Maharaja, Great Divide Espresso OA Yeti and Grand Teton 5 O'Clock Shadow.
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