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Re: New Members - Introduce Yourself

Postby Barleywhiner » August 29th, 2016, 8:43 pm

I'm back in LFK myself.

yosef1899 wrote:Hey Everyone,

Just moved to Lawrence from North Carolina for grad school. While that will be taking up almost all of my time, I always find a way to schedule in drinking a few beers and meeting others consumed by the craft. I also brought some goodies with me from the east coast that I wouldn't mind sharing/trading for some of those brews you hold near and dear.

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Re: New Members - Introduce Yourself

Postby tommylee06 » September 9th, 2016, 7:09 pm

I'm Tom. Moved to Fort leavenworth this summer for the next year. Trying to get back in the craft beer scene but it's all new now. I've been dabbling in bourbon for the last 3 years (still dabbling). Would love any insight into the area in regards to both beer and bourbon.
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Re: New Members - Introduce Yourself

Postby ByAnyOtherName » September 13th, 2016, 9:55 am

Hello fellow beer lovers,
I am Emily, and I am a bottle cap artist. I came on this forum, partially because my hubs is a major beer guy and I am hoping to score some tips on what great beers to surprise him with for special occasions and also to make friends with people who may have some awesome beer bottle caps laying around from some amazing craft and international brews that they would be willing to donate to a local artist.
Right now I am showing my work at Renaissance Fair. Mostly roses made from bottle caps, some coasters and mirrors and corks boards (made from wine corks and beer caps). Once fair is over I plan on getting into making glassware and upcycled pretties from beer and wine bottles as well and I get a chance to catch my breath and play with glass cutting and bending and shaping.

If so please let me know! I am willing to barter my art for donation or give discounts for my larger pieces. If you have a huge thing of caps and don't know what to do with it please let me know!!!
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Re: New Members - Introduce Yourself

Postby EricH » September 13th, 2016, 1:07 pm

Welcome to the site, newcomers!
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Postby kcmoelectrician » February 2nd, 2017, 9:46 pm

hello everyone just wanted to introduce myself. new to the forum and glad to be here

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