Repeal 30% food requirement for breweries

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Repeal 30% food requirement for breweries

Post by localbrewer » April 13th, 2019, 10:45 am

Hi everyone, not sure how many of you are in Johnson County but figured I would post this so we can all try to get this on the ballot and get it revoked.

Do you live in Johnson County? We need your help! Issue: In Johnson County, any place of business that serves liquor by the drink is required to also have 30% of their revenue come from food sales. This is a hindrance to us as a small business (and other breweries) who want to focus on what we are good at – making beer! This issue can be overturned by being placed on the November 2019 ballot and allowing the people of Johnson County to vote to allow alcohol by the drink with no food sales requirements.
What are we asking from you? In order to place this on the 2019 ballot, the Johnson County Board of Commissioners must vote to place it on the ballot – this is where you come in! We are asking you to email your County Commissioner and state your agreement with them voting to place this on the ballot for the people to decide.
Who do I contact? Your County Commissioner via email.
How do I know who my County Commissioner is? See the map below or see the map on the bulletin board at Limitless – or ask one of the staff at Limitless – we will be happy to give you their information!
What do I say? It can be a simple email stating that you believe that the measure for allowing liquor by the drink with no food sales requirement should be placed on the November 2019 ballot, to allow the people of the County to decide.
Questions? Ask any staff member at Limitless. We will discuss any questions or concerns that you may have.

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