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PicoBrew Zymatic

Postby beersavorer » February 20th, 2016, 7:59 am

Grain to Glass (1611 Swift, North Kansas City) is Missouri's retailer for the PicoBrew Zymatic--an all-electric, all-grain brewing system that fits on a kitchen countertop. They will be doing a demo prior to the Missouri Mashers' Meeting on Thursday, Feb. 25th--6 PM. You can view the progress of the brew from a smartphone; the PicoBrew community in Kansas City is growing. Prepaid orders will be taken, and the Zymatic is discounted during February. There's no shipping cost.
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All-grain brewing at the touch of a button
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Re: PicoBrew Zymatic

Postby beersavorer » August 20th, 2016, 2:30 pm

Grain to Glass now offers brewing sessions on the Zymatic--so you can see how easy it is to brew an all-grain recipe. Cost is $45 plus ingredients. Schedule a brewing session and bring friends. Call 816 472 0516.

Re: PicoBrew Zymatic

Postby beersavorer » December 5th, 2016, 6:24 am

Grain to Glass will be offering the Zymatic below MRL during the month of December ($1850)--and no shipping cost. This is the model that PicoBrew calls the professional model--good to develop recipes, for scale-up. Make 2.5 gallon all-grain brews, with the consistency and control of a commercial brewery. And, there's the convenience, space-saving and comfort advantages of brewing indoors, any weather! Tell Santa this is what you want most! Stop by 16th & Swift in North Kansas City, and place your order; shipped for delivery in less than a week. Contact: 816 472 0516

For more info:

Re: PicoBrew Zymatic

Postby Jay Aber » December 5th, 2016, 8:09 am

Just curious, and I don't mean this in a dick way, but has anyone bought one of these from the store? It seems like a pretty awesome toy to play with, but that price tag! I also don't see it as very useful for either homebrewers or professional brewers. Who's the market for the system?
Jay Aber

Re: PicoBrew Zymatic

Postby beersavorer » December 5th, 2016, 11:01 pm

If you know the husband-wife team, Amanda & Myles Burkemper, they'll champion the Zymatic--which helped them win the Best of Show in the biggest local competition (KC Biermeisters) last February. They used theirs to tweak their Schwarzbier recipe--and won the scale-up at KC Bier Co. We've brewed their Schwarzbier on ours, and it turned out great.
There's a whole community of Zymatic owners--quite a few here in KC. When you brew, you can see who else is actively brewing at the same time via the PicoBrew software. You can also watch the progress of your brew via smartphone, if you have to run an errand.
Come in for a demo; you'll be impressed at the convenience. Yes, the price is a little much for most people that started with the basics--but then, there's quite a few homebrewers locally that are going all-electric (and sell their big old propane setups). I haven't yet met a commercial brewer that uses it for a pilot brew--but there are testimonials from PicoBrew.
This is sorta like downsizing from the big surburban 5 bedroom to an urban loft..you don't have to own a garage or basement to brew excellent beers!

Re: PicoBrew Zymatic

Postby beersavorer » December 5th, 2016, 11:16 pm

Most recently, we brewed a "Dark English Mild" with low ABV on Nov. 27th; and served some Sunday 12/4 at the Arts & Crafts Festival (homebrewers). The recipe was drawn from the PicoBrew library--and received good ratings.
Stop in, and we'll offer a sample. We may be brewing on the Zymatic this Saturday or Sunday.

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