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RISOFF19 - A Fundraiser for the Fight Against Cancer

Posted: November 9th, 2018, 8:46 am
by schumed
Missouri Mashers is opening up their annual RISOFF Competition (Stout Only Competition) to everyone to raise me for the Fight Against Cancer. Michael Wells (Eye for An Eye Brewing) one of our founding members, Firefighter, and all around great dude... recently got diagnosed stage 4 cancer and needs all the support he can get. Hopefully you can get some stouts ready and enter in the RISOFF!!!

I'm also hosting an event tomorrow called Stout at the Devil (Something Wells always hosted) where we brew stouts, drink stouts, and listen to 80's Hair Band Rock all day as a way to keep his annual tradition going. Come out and brew or just come hang out. Hit me up for the address. We will be starting around 9am and go until it gets dark.

We have a lot of other events coming out to support Wells. The local Beer Community is amazing and always knows how to respond when people need help. Look for some cool events coming soon.