National Homebrew Competition Apr 5/6

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National Homebrew Competition Apr 5/6

Postby johnf » March 25th, 2013, 2:42 pm

One of the regional first round judging sites for the National Homebrew Competition is in Kansas City April 5 and 6. Unfortunately it was too late to enter as of about the moment entry registration was opened a few weeks ago but it is not too late to volunteer.

If you have a good knowledge of beer styles (you can select individual styles you don't want to judge when you register) and feel comfortable making brief written descriptions of aroma, appearance, mouthfeel, and flavor in beer then consider judging if you are available. Otherwise consider stewarding which is basically helping the judges and involves much less writing.

You can sign up here:

There will be food provided prior to each judging session, other than the early Friday one. Saturday lunch is going to be BBQ provided by Michael Crane. For those of you who don't know him, he is about the best homebrewer in Kansas City and he doesn't drink beer. Since he actually eats BBQ, I fully expect the BBQ he makes to be phenomenal. We will also have some Boulevard beer on tap.

There is also going to be small judging sessions on April 1 and 3 at 8 PM at my house. If you are interested in those, send me a PM. We won't need stewards for those.
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