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Re: Google Fiber

Postby beastiefan » August 18th, 2012, 11:03 am

johnf wrote:
beastiefan wrote:who needs a gig per second? really, really, really good quality porn?

Who needs beer? We are fortunate as semi-educated post industrialist folk to engage largely in wants, are we not?

lets not get all philosophical and shit in here. I don't spend $150 a month on beer (that is the cost of the bundle I believe). Actually, at one time in life I did, but I now realize I was dumb.

Did anyone else here that Google Fiber is giving away free internet at regular broadband speeds?
Those who get the green light from Google have three plan options. The first provides free monthly Internet for a period of at least seven years, provided you pay a one-time $300 fee (or $25 a month for 12 months) covering the cost of construction. Under that plan, Google promises speeds only on par with today's Internet -- up to 5 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload. There are no data Relevant Products/Services caps, and you can upgrade to superfast Fiber at any time. Google will supply a network box (with up to 4 gigabit ethernet ports, plus Wi-Fi Relevant Products/Services).

Even if it isn't really free, I got to admit that is a pretty sweet deal if you are living in the home long-term.
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I am prefacing this by saying I am really not trying to be a downer.
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Re: Google Fiber

Postby EricH » August 19th, 2012, 12:08 am

I don't need it. I just want it.
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